Chicago, Illinois

O’Hare 1982

A comfortable trip – right on time. Poured rain most of the way but seems to be clearing now. I’m struggling with the decision to eat the rest of my choc. bar – or not. It was so good being with you as always. I look forward to summer, hopefully to the music festival.

Thanks for all, Love, Va

(same postcard to different person) 1982

I arrived comfortably on the ALCO bus from Madison – even napped a bit. Am trying to decide if I should eat my candy bar or just skip food entirely! Hope the apt. is becoming “home” by now. It is nice, I think.

Love, Va

A bird’s-eye view of Soldiers Field, the home of Chicago Bears of the National Football League. To the north is the dramatic Chicago skyline along the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.

Chicago, Illinois

June 2006

Hello!! Isn’t the dinosaur cool? I saw it when the Ichthyology class went on a field trip to Chicago. I got off the boat 1 week ago – this time I was on it for 21 days. That was a long time to not be able to leave or get away from everyone. But – we cut out lots of fish stomachs and no one fell overboard – so that was good! Right now I’m waiting for the Subaru place to finish up an oil change of my car. Very exciting. I don’t get back on the boat until July 25. So I have time to enjoy some summer and play some tennis with Val. I hope you’re both doing well and doing fun things.

Lots of love, Allie

Sue, the largest, most complete, and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found, was discovered in 1990 near Faith, South Dakota by fossil hunter Susan Hendrickson. Sue’s mounted skeleton was unveiled at The Field Museum on May 17, 2000.

Chicago, Illinois

September 1975

We got in late so am hurrying. Jenny today learned that she got in to nursing school and we are all elated. Tom also has got an internship in library and journalism which he wants much. So we are happy for them.

Love to you, Dede

Concourse and News-stand, O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, Illinois. View shows the entrance to one of the numerous concourses leading to the planes. Approximately 34 million passengers pass through O’Hare annually making it the world’s busiest airport.

2022 – Apparently Atlanta has now jumped into first place as the world’s busiest airport. It is followed by Dubai and Delhi.

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