Chicago, Illinois

O’Hare 1982

A comfortable trip – right on time. Poured rain most of the way but seems to be clearing now. I’m struggling with the decision to eat the rest of my choc. bar – or not. It was so good being with you as always. I look forward to summer, hopefully to the music festival.

Thanks for all, Love, Va

(same postcard to different person) 1982

I arrived comfortably on the ALCO bus from Madison – even napped a bit. Am trying to decide if I should eat my candy bar or just skip food entirely! Hope the apt. is becoming “home” by now. It is nice, I think.

Love, Va

A bird’s-eye view of Soldiers Field, the home of Chicago Bears of the National Football League. To the north is the dramatic Chicago skyline along the shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.

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