New York, New York


I arrived ok and met with the consultant last night. Slept late and loafed. Will go to Hardins for dinner soon and then Lowell and I will go to Princeton.

Love, Bill

The Berkshire Hotel, Madison Avenue at 52nd Street. Finest location – Radio City, theaters, exclusive store and shops within easy walking distance. New York City’s newest – 500 handsomely furnished guest rooms – all with finger-tip air-conditioning, 21″ TV in every room.

Claude Monet

April 1983

Arrived Ok, bumpy flight, 2 hours late. Bill met me – we have visited about everyone and everything. I hear your party was a success. Bill likes your cards. It’s cold here – daffodils in bloom but not tulips yet. Madurodam is going strong! I’m unpacked so off to bed.

Love, Va

Claud Monet (1840-1926), A woman in a Garden, Ste Adresse 1867; Hermitage, Leningrad


May 1963

I got your good letter today. thank you for writing such an interesting letter. In this picture the things that the boy and girl are looking at are called Piñata’s and are filled with candy and gifts. They are used for birthdays and the cover is made of Paper Mache.

Write again. Love, Bill


Postcards from original paintings by U Ba Kyi, at the Strand Hotel, Rangoon, Burma

U Ba Kyi (17 July 1912 – 15 April 2000) studied for a year at the Beaux Arts de Paris and he also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He managed to weave together the western style with the traditional Burmese style. He painted murals and watercolors and his work is exhibited around the world. These paintings he did for the Strand Hotel show the lighter side of Burmese character.

Most likely these were done before 1950.

Miami, Florida

September 1968

Just arrived after a good flight ( the landings are what ruin me!). Hope all is well with you. This airport is a mad house. And the climate is warm. Open any mail that you think looks interesting.

Love, Va.

Hotel Row and Indian Creek, Miami Beach, Florida

Green Island, Great Barrier Reef

Spent today here and now are on our way across country to Darwin and then south to Alice Springs. The island and reef are really a lot prettier than the picture shows. We were sitting around drinking beer waiting for the boat to take us back to the mainland when someone told us it was just pulling out. Ran down the dock and the boat (large one) backed up for us to jump on. Everyone was clapping and cheering – all rather embarrassing. Anyway the country is great. Hope you’re not working too hard. Love, Tom

Green Island, Great Barrier Reef. Situated only 17 miles from Cairns, Green Island is a true coral cay, possessing a wealth of tropical marine life in the surrounding coral reef.

Enkhuizen, Netherlands

July 1981

This place had a most interesting museum of old fishing boats and regalia of the time. We had a nice time in Luxembourg over the weekend. It’s a beautiful little country and city – full of castles, forts and mts. We were impressed with the war cemetery (U.S.) there also. It is beautifully done. Alicia went with us – she and Bill bought beautiful anarkin-type (?) coats on sale!

So nice to have jean here – I’ll probably arrive Minn. Aug. 21. Love, Va.

The Hague, Netherlands

June 1984

The family arrived at 4 pm yesterday but were in good spirits and all looked so nice. The girls seemed to feel at home right away – unpacked and organized their things! We ate supper, walked around the block, and they all fell into bed – are still asleep (11 am). Wish you were here ,too.

Love, Va

El Salvador, Central America

March 1968

Hi – we arrived ok last night and had hotel accommodations sin problemas. Tis a lovely day with lunch by the pool but long sessions this a.m. See you soon.

Love, Bill

  1. Basilica de Guadalupe; 2. Plaza Libertad; 3. Palacio Nacional; 4. Biblioteca Nacional; 5. Puerta del Diablo; 6. Hotel El Salvador; 7. Catedral Santa Ana; 8. Lago Coatepeque; 9. Ruinas de Tazumal
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