Nigerian Mask

Igu Mask, Nigeria

Paris, March 1973

We are on our way to Amsterdam. I’ll take KLM to Chicago, Bill to Frankfort and Lagos. The Paris weather has been cold but clear and sunny – lovely. I walked miles to know Paris a little better. Had lunch with Zina yesterday – she says Lisa is very unhappy here – she’s going to US for Easter. Do keep warm, for that helps to recover and prevent colds.

Love to you, Mom

Lima, Peru

June 1980

Greetings from Peru. skies are grey but otherwise all is fine. Had good stay in Mexico. Hoe all well with you.

Love, Bill

Golden Arms, Chimu Culture (13th-15th Century) For your travels in Peru, consult “Reparaz’s Guide to Peru – Handbook for Travelers” (English Edition).

Quantas Airways

February 1970

Received your letter today before we left Djarkata. Also had a letter from Tim today. He is OK and had visited Paris. Will see you soon.

Love, Bill

AVRO 504K, 1921. Pilot and 2 passengers. 65 m.p.h. Intrepid passengers flew in this. Quantas’ first aircraft on taxi trips and joy-rides.

Waipukurau, New Zealand

February 1982

Hi – This is a gorgeous island – nice climate, friendly. I’m having a great time. Plane from Singapore was 8 hrs. late, full but comfortable. Stayed overnight in Aukland, then Fokker Friendship flight to Napier that was beautiful. Last night we had 14 here for Jenny’s Bday party – lots of fun and food. Bron and Kelly have grown and are lots of fun, Tom is remodeling the bathrooms, Jenny is adjusting! I’m so glad that I came. Thelma and I are very compatible. We drink tea and eat biscuits all the time.

Love, Va

Monterrey, Mexico

Gran Hotel Ancira. Overlooking the mountains with 250 rooms. A dignified atmosphere of Old World Charm blends with informal luxury.

I stayed in that hotel when I was about nine years old. There was a reception in the lobby and my father was there on business so he was attending the reception. For some reason I was wandering around the lobby and thought I saw my father so I went up and grabbed his hand, very happy to see him. I looked up and it wasn’t him. I wanted to crawl under the floor. It was a panic moment. But I soon found him and all was well.

New Zealand

January 1982

Was good to hear your sweet voice the other day. Is still rather hot here so we have to go to the beach a lot to cool off. Hope you are well and happy and keeping the 2 weird cats entertained. Talked to Va. after we called you and she is coming on Feb 3, for 3 or 4 days. We haven’t been doing too much here except help out a little on the farm and relax. The beer is good.

Till Later, Love Tom, Jen, Bron & Kelly

Heretaunga Plains from Te Mata Peak. This view from Te Mata Peak looks westward across the fertile Here tang Plains in which lies the “village” of Havelock North and the city of Hastings toward the snow-capped Kaweka Range. In the foreground is Peak House, a popular restaurant.

Lexington, Kentucky

March 1988

Greetings from Berea (Kentucky). But, we visited Shaker Village yesterday and saw this lovely staircase. A real work of art! Ran into the Hansens here tonight. (Burma, Nigeria, Mexico) they are on an Elder Hostel. All well! We like the South.

Much Love, Bill & Va

Trustees’ Office 1839. “We went thro the Office, it is a brick house… the stairs are in the shape of a half moon and have 22 steps in the flight.” Shaker Manuscript August 21, 1874

Shakertown at Pleasant Hill, Harrodsburg, Kentucky

This is a confusing postcard because it has a date stamp both from Lexington, Kentucky and Montgomery, Alabama.

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