Haarlem, Netherlands

Den Haag Jan. 1985

This is one of my most favorite places in Holland – also it’s near the good Stol. cafe!!

We took Winkleman and wife out last nite and will take Alicia out tonight for her bday. We are “warm” – around freezing with rain, snow, sleet, fog, and sun often – typical. But at least, it isn’t so bone chilling bloody cold as you have it.

TV isn’t so great – we can’t get England without snow and fading – we watched “the Untouchables” on SKY recently!

Love to you, Va.

Grote of St Bavokerk, Haarlem

Karachi, Pakistan

Feb. 1982

I have been drooling over the beautiful silks, carpets, brass, etc. here in the hotel shops. Wish I could come back to this part of the world to do all my shopping! Bill is off to Islamabad today. I have had my hair trimmed, am reading 2 books, the room has TV, video movies – so I’m keeping busy. The lobby is elegant and interesting. Wish you were here.

Love, Va.

Hotel Intercontinental, Karachi


Looks like somebody stole the postage stamp…

October 1981

This is a MUST in our travels!! The falls must be seen, cannot possibly be adequately described. The hotel is superb in every way, there can’t be many left like it. Having a great time but suffering from the heat.


The Victoria Falls Hotel

London, UK

May 1989

We finally made it to London-town. Had forgotten how exciting it is here. Erik is working here for 3 mo. so we are having a great reunion. Weather is gorgeous, sunny, 70’s. Seems as if we never left Europe – I love it. Won’t have time to go to the Hague but Erik and Kilena will go.

Love, Gunta

Paris, France

April 1973

We arrived a little late but had a nice flight over with a delicious dinner and a movie yet! Bill and I went to Notre Dame and then walked around the Left Bank for a few hrs. This is a holiday here (Easter Monday) so there were lots of strollers in the sun. 57 degrees so is quite chilly. Flowering trees in bloom. Paris is lovely.

Love, Dede

Antigua, Guatemala


Detail of ornamentation, Church of Merced, Antigua, Guatemala, Monument of America. Land of eternal spring.

The photo I took of the church:

Ruins of La Recoleccion Church, Antigua

I took the same photo with my mother featured in front:

Chapel of the Hermano Pedro in the church of San Francisco, Antigua

ZuiderzeeMuseum – Enkhuizen, Netherlands

July 1981

I got you one of these hats – hope you’ll like it! We took a tour to this place; also the flower market at Alsmeer – fantastic. Sat. we and Alicia went to Hoorn, Einkhuisen and the long dyke – had a lovely picnic along the Ijsselmeer watching the sailboats. The weather has been spectacular – no rain, around 68 degrees. Jean doesn’t believe the stories about our rainy weather.

Love to you, Va

Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland

Zurich 9/1972

We left K this noon at school. Some of the new bldgs. are not yet finished so she and some other jr. girls are staying in a hotel for a few days. I think she’ll like it once they all get in the swing.

The train trip was spectacular down and back from here, and Lugano looks just like this picture, snow and all. Beautiful!

Love, Dede

Brisbane, Australia


Well we finally made it to Brisbane on Sat. Last Wed. was the first day the road was open so got away that afternoon, it was a slow drip down what with dodging potholes and detours etc. but we made it with only one blow out.

Today we spent flat finding after the flood. So many houses ruined there wasn’t much to pick from but we were really lucky to come across one this afternoon that wan’t too bad and only $15 a week. Thought it wise to grab it. Then in a couple months time when we’re more settled will look out for a bigger place. Tomorrow we’ll get busy seeing people and getting ourselves organized.

We have been thinking of you and hoping your trip is going well. Saw in the paper here that London had its first snow this wk. Do home you’re not in the middle of a cold spell. Thanks again for all you did for us.

Love, Jen

Brisbane, Q. – George Street from Parliament House, showing the Bellevue Hotel, the Terrace Houses, and the Executive building in the background.

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