Brisbane, Australia

March, 1978 Dear V & B Greetings from sunny Queensland, where the wet season is just beginning, with a cyclone in north Q’ld. I am back working in the Dept Microbiology after the Christmas/New Year break, starting to write my thesis and related papers. Many thanks for the IITA card. I hope all is goingContinue reading “Brisbane, Australia”

Madison, Wisconsin

October 1981 Dear I am with Jean in the waiting room doing crossword puzzles, reading the paper, and getting hungry! Bill got off in the rain and fog yesterday – called last night to say he’s in Washington ok. We saw Steve at the airport. He came up for the homecoming weekend in Madison. Love,Continue reading “Madison, Wisconsin”

Bozeman, Montana

June 1995 Greetings from beautiful Montana! Our family reunion was fantastic and accommodations, food, weather – perfect. We even did a float on the Madison river. The third generation put on a rodeo and Melissa took 2 “firsts”. See you around the 5th. Bruce and June A warrior in the truest sense, Rain in theContinue reading “Bozeman, Montana”


The Hague, Feb, 1982 Hi This is one of the many mosaics beautifully preserved in Jordan. Twas good visiting with you last week, hope the snow is abating. Yesterday the 2 Alicias and I went up north of Amsterdam to the Frisian Floral Fair and it was just fantastic. This whole building filled with flowersContinue reading “Jordan”

Gent, Flemish Belgium

The Hague, June, 1984 Hi This is a beautiful Flemish city as you can see. We had a good time sightseeing (at last it is sunshiny), eating, etc. We stopped in Waterloo yesterday to see and learn about Napoleon’s great defeat. Gruesome, but interesting. Mary (your old nanny) wants to visit you and Tim andContinue reading “Gent, Flemish Belgium”

Egypt, Our Last Day

Not much to say, really. One comment. The Sphinx was smaller than I had imagined. But otherwise my expectations were met. Fifty years ago my father visited Egypt and went to Giza and rode a camel. My son went with me on this trip and my father told him he should ride a camel. WeContinue reading “Egypt, Our Last Day”

Egypt Part Four: Valley of the Kings

It was about a half hour drive from our ship to the Valley of the Kings. We saw agriculture and street scenes along the way. Our first stop was a photo op at the statues of Amenhotep III and the Collossi of Memnon. These originally guarded the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III. They were damagedContinue reading “Egypt Part Four: Valley of the Kings”

Egypt Part Three: Karnak and Luxor

We docked in Luxor about lunchtime. We were tied to another ship so we had to walk through that one in order to get onto land. We could see in some places the ships were four or five deep. In the afternoon we set out for Karnak on the east bank of the river. InContinue reading “Egypt Part Three: Karnak and Luxor”