Mt Vernon, Virginia

West Front of Mansion. In the 18th century, guests arrived at the west front entrance to the Mansion. Washington enlarged the original house that his father had built by adding another story and building wings on the north and south.

Study. No room at Mount Vernon is as closely associated with George Washington as his study which contains the desk he purchased in Philadelphia at the end of his presidency, his terrestrial globe and an 18th century fan chair. From this private room Washington directed the activities of his plantation and corresponded with leaders of the day.

George and Martha Washington’s Bedroom. On December 14, 1799, George Washington died on this bed in the room he and his wife shared. Other objects of interest in this room include Washington’s trunk at the foot of the bed. Martha Washington’s desk and portraits of her four grandchildren.

Family Kitchen. Meals for family and guests were prepared in the kitchen, a separate building that is connected to the Mansion by a colonnade. Martha Washington supervised the planning of meals and made regular visits to the kitchen.

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