Nigerian Mask

Igu Mask, Nigeria

Paris, March 1973

We are on our way to Amsterdam. I’ll take KLM to Chicago, Bill to Frankfort and Lagos. The Paris weather has been cold but clear and sunny – lovely. I walked miles to know Paris a little better. Had lunch with Zina yesterday – she says Lisa is very unhappy here – she’s going to US for Easter. Do keep warm, for that helps to recover and prevent colds.

Love to you, Mom

Monterrey, Mexico

Gran Hotel Ancira. Overlooking the mountains with 250 rooms. A dignified atmosphere of Old World Charm blends with informal luxury.

I stayed in that hotel when I was about nine years old. There was a reception in the lobby and my father was there on business so he was attending the reception. For some reason I was wandering around the lobby and thought I saw my father so I went up and grabbed his hand, very happy to see him. I looked up and it wasn’t him. I wanted to crawl under the floor. It was a panic moment. But I soon found him and all was well.

Den Haag, Holland

May 1985

Dear Jean

K. got back ok after a wonderful time in Seville, Cordova and Granada… We are finally having some warm weather – the beach was packed yesterday, even in the cold, dirty sea! It was a holiday – but lots of tourists are around now… Be sure to bring your raincoat or jacket. We are going over to East Holland to the castle area for a couple of days. Bill has rented a BMW to see if we like it!

Love, Va

Rio de Janeiro

May 1970

We are here on the beach – in rio and I thin Virginia likes it in spite of the long flying to get here. We had a nice two days in Buenos Aires. Soon we’ll write about your trip home from school – for now

Love, Bill

Posted from Leme Palace Hotel, Copacabana.

Berlin, Germany

December 1992

Berlin is more fun w/out the wall. We went to this museum, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag today.

Your pal, Barb

Atypisches Museum Berlin. Erected in 1851 opposite Charlottenburg Palace to house King Friedrich Wilhelm IV’s Imperial Guard, this building and its mirror image twin across the avenue have served the Staatlichen Museen PreuBishcher Kulturbesitz as museums since 1967 and 1960 respectively.

Designed by Friedrich August Stuhler, the buildings with small round temples sat on their flat roofs are important examples of 19th century city architecture despite extensive damage suffered during the last war. In our case, a Marshall built to enable the horses of the Imperial Guard adjoins the main building. The long hall with vaulted ceiling is divided into three halves by iron columns that were cast in a Berlin foundry around 1858.

Kingston, Jamaica

Sheraton – Kingston Hotel

This is a popular place, I have three postcards like this one.

January 1968


Arrived OK and met with Hardin and others tonight. Disorganization rules but perhaps all will be ok. See you soon.

Love, Bill

September 1968

We finally landed 1/2 hr. late last night – then to a nice small dinner party where they had a 3 week old baby boy. I’m going to Dr. with his parents for a check this am, then to their house for lunch. The weather is beautiful. Pool looks great!

Love, Va

January 1969


Had a nice flight over. That is really the way to come. Hans is here and we will have dinner tonight at Jim & Suzy’s. It is warm and delightful here. I’m going for a swim now!!

Love, Bill

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