May 1963

I got your good letter today. thank you for writing such an interesting letter. In this picture the things that the boy and girl are looking at are called Piñata’s and are filled with candy and gifts. They are used for birthdays and the cover is made of Paper Mache.

Write again. Love, Bill


Postcards from original paintings by U Ba Kyi, at the Strand Hotel, Rangoon, Burma

U Ba Kyi (17 July 1912 – 15 April 2000) studied for a year at the Beaux Arts de Paris and he also studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He managed to weave together the western style with the traditional Burmese style. He painted murals and watercolors and his work is exhibited around the world. These paintings he did for the Strand Hotel show the lighter side of Burmese character.

Most likely these were done before 1950.

Miami, Florida

September 1968

Just arrived after a good flight ( the landings are what ruin me!). Hope all is well with you. This airport is a mad house. And the climate is warm. Open any mail that you think looks interesting.

Love, Va.

Hotel Row and Indian Creek, Miami Beach, Florida

San Antonio, Texas


Well, the Alamo is still here but didn’t exactly match my memories – but the riverwalk is vastly improved and impressive. Found The Landing and will go there one evening. Warm and breezy – not too humid. See you soon!

Love, Tim

The Alamo. Originally a chapel attached to SanAntonio de Valero and possibly other missions, the Alamo was the site of a massacre of Texans by Mexican forces in 1836. The word Alamo means a poplar tree or cottonwood.

Alan Bobbe’s Bistro, Nairobi, Kenya

June 1982

Grand finale to a grand tour. 1. The Tusker (beer) is still good to wash the Namibian sands away before returning to the Sahara. Like Namibia better. Are we ever going to hear from you again? 2. Artichokes,… and … – all things you take for granted now – well I guess there are benefits to being deprived 11 months out of 12! Let us know how your are and what you are up to.

Renate and Fred

Antigua, Guatemala


Detail of ornamentation, Church of Merced, Antigua, Guatemala, Monument of America. Land of eternal spring.

The photo I took of the church:

Ruins of La Recoleccion Church, Antigua

I took the same photo with my mother featured in front:

Chapel of the Hermano Pedro in the church of San Francisco, Antigua

Lugano-Paradiso, Switzerland

Zurich 9/1972

We left K this noon at school. Some of the new bldgs. are not yet finished so she and some other jr. girls are staying in a hotel for a few days. I think she’ll like it once they all get in the swing.

The train trip was spectacular down and back from here, and Lugano looks just like this picture, snow and all. Beautiful!

Love, Dede

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