N’Djamena, Chad

November, 1974 Greetings from NDjamena (which used to be called Fort Lamy). Arrived here yesterday via Douala, Cameroon. It is hot — 95 degrees or more when we landed. We will be here until Saturday when we fly to Paris for a connection to Abidjan. A long way around but much shorter in time. HopeContinue reading “N’Djamena, Chad”

Bali, Indonesia

February, 1970 Our trip gets better all the time!! We saw a marvelous hour-long dance yesterday plus many other interesting things on a tour. This hotel is even better than the Pierre Marques – with a little Hindu temple on the grouds where dances are given. We’ve decided to stay in Fiji for several daysContinue reading “Bali, Indonesia”

Davos, Switzerland

March, 1974 Hi How was vacating in Texas, y con su hermano? All the time I’ve been picturing myself in Nigeria. It’s fun here though, in fact fantastic (I know how much skiing excites you!). Right now, you’re probably flying across the Atlantic, and my ankles hurt. It got up to about 70 degrees todayContinue reading “Davos, Switzerland”

Edinburgh, Scotland

September 1979 Hi I have just finished the “city bus tour” – 4 hrs of assimilating history, tramping thru castles (real ones) and churches, and looking at glorious views. This is a lovely city and I’m greatly impressed with the natural beauty – at least from the airport here by bus – about 60 miles.Continue reading “Edinburgh, Scotland”

San Francisco, California

1990 Hi We’re having fun seeing old friends and the sights. We went out to Alcatraz on Sunday and N started his seminar Monday. He seems to like it. I have been walking all over town and pretty much have the buses down. It’s good to be in California. It’s cool! Love (I think IContinue reading “San Francisco, California”

Cologne, Germany

May, 1985 – on the Rhine Hi Isn’t this a magnificent church? We were in it again this am, admiring and enjoying it – so delicate and truly lovely. Parts date from the 1200’s. We had champagne last nite at the Captain’s party, then danced. We sailed all night from Nijmegen (Netherlands) to Cologne. We’llContinue reading “Cologne, Germany”