Agra, India

January 2010 Dear Happy New Year! We are having a great time in India. It is definitely an adventure here, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. The Taj Mahal was amazing. Stunning from every angle and so peaceful compared with all the people and honking on the street and sidewalks. Love, KellyContinue reading “Agra, India”

Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota

This channel connects the upper and lower lakes of Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka located about 15 miles west of Minneapolis has over 300 miles of shore-line. It is noted for its scenic beauty, fishing, sailing and a summer playground. A large amusement part is on the water’s edge at Excelsior, Minnesota. Apparently the amusement park wasContinue reading “Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota”

Williamsburg, Virginia

April, 1955 Hi! Ave had a good day of sightseeing! Were at it most of the day in the hot Va. sun. Left coats in the car. The flowers are lovely here – tulips, iris, violets are all out though they say it is in late spring. The reconstructed area is very interesting. Have seenContinue reading “Williamsburg, Virginia”