Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April, 1916 Letter rec’d in good condition. Will ans letter tomorrow night or when I receive that parcel. Maybe tomorrow. B The Little Sisters of the Poor is an international Roman Catholic women’s religious organization. They were established in Philadelphia on August 24, 1869, to respond to the needs of the elderly poor in Philadelphia.Continue reading “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania”

New York 1939

The entrance to the railroad exhibit at the New York World’s Fair 1939 appears very much like a glorified and modernistic roundhouse for locomotives.The Rotunda above contains 25,000 square feet of floor space leading to a circular theme hall 180 feet in diameter surmounted by a dome approximately eight stories in height. Sponsored by theContinue reading “New York 1939”

Los Angeles, California

Pershing Square, Los Angeles Postcard courtesy of Western Publishing and Novelty Company. In 1866 the area known today as Pershing Square was dedicated as a public square called La Plaza Abaja (the lower plaza) by Mayor Christobal Aguilar. A year later people started calling it St Vincent’s Park since it was across the street fromContinue reading “Los Angeles, California”

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles County General Hospital, 1950’s The County Hospital, costing 13 million dollars, is one of the largest and best equipped in the world. There are 123 buildings on 56 acres of ground. An average 4 thousand patients are treated daily. (This particular building was finished in 1933, and was converted to office space. AContinue reading “Los Angeles, California”