Wisconsin Day Tripping

Historical Marker, Prescott, Wisconsin:

“The St Croix River joins the Mississippi here. In 1680 explorers Hennepin and DuLhut both passed this point. About 1755 this area was the site of a surprise attack in which over 335 Sioux were killed by Chippewa Indians. In 1827 Fort Snelling army officers made the first claim for a town site in the upper Mississippi country at this location. To hold the claim, Philander Prescott, an Indian interpreter and trader, established a trading post and ferry across the St Croix here in 1839.”

Prescott is a small town of about 4,500 people. On summer weekends it is flooded with motorcycle riders. We saw close to 100 just in the short time we were there. They kind of overwhelmed the two block downtown area. But down the river(s) it was very pleasant with lots of boaters.

Up the road a ways is Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Ellsworth is the cheese curd capital of of Wisconsin and has a cheese curd festival every summer.

Pierce County courthouse, Ellsworth, Wisconsin

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