The Bahamas

March 2001

I have returned to Ithaca (& we got upgraded to 1st class on one of the flights, which was lovely!) – it is cold and snowy. It rained and was windy the first 2.5 days of our trip which was hard especially for Dave, since the fishing was very bad. We were watching the weather channel religiously. Then we had lovely weather the last 2.5 days and were staying at an incredible resort/casino/waterpark/outdoor aquarium – so we had plenty of fish to see, and enough sun to tan and play in the ocean. All of the buildings were cement, but painted lovely colors. I hope you are both well.

Much love, Allie

Vibrant color, Bahamian shutters, and tropical flora create a palette of color that is pleasure to the eye and soul. Photo by Linda M. Huber

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