April 1967


It’s a beautiful morning here. I wish you were with me. I’m now going to breakfast and then at 9:00 we are driving to Antigua. We will (or I will) relax by the pool here tomorrow and then at 5:00 pm we will go back to Salvador.

Love, Bill

Santiago, Chile

Santiago de Chile y la Cordillera de los Andes un atardecer de inveirno desde el Cierro San Cristobal

December 2003


Our very best regards from this far away Chile. Congratulation for your wedding anniversary. As you say years seem to be fly by.


Taxco, Mexico

Excerpt from my book Expat Alien. This would have been in the mid to late 1960’s:

Taxco was a small tourist city built on the side of a mountain. Besides having a few interesting churches, it was mainly known for its silver and had shop after shop of silver jewelry. We would go there for a weekend and walk the steep, narrow streets. The hotel we stayed in had a back patio where cockfights took place after dark. The cocks screamed in anger and pain as they killed each other or maybe it was just the crowd I heard screaming. I thought the whole thing was disgusting but lots of people enjoyed it, including my brother.

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