Grand Teton National Park

July 2007


Here is a friendly creature that would like to play with you! We have seen a few elk and a bald eagle but not bears. Probably just as well!

Love, Tim

Grizzly Bear. The grizzly is a threatened species within the contiguous 48 states. Omnivorous, they feed on plants, small mammals (mostly rodents), large mammals and carrion. Standing 3 to 3 1/2 feet at the shoulders, the adult male (boar) will weigh 500-1000 pounds while the adult female (sow) will weight 225-550 pounds. The grizzly varies in color from black-brown to straw-yellow and may have light tipped guard hairs that give a frizzled appearance. Breeding occurs from mid-May to mid_July and young cubs, weighing 12-16 ounces, are born in January and February. They emerge from the den with their mother in April and May. Grizzly bears are the most fierce and dangerous of all bears.

Grand Teton is in western Wyoming.

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