Hot Springs, Arkansas

June, 1999

We had a lovely drive down “7” to get here. It was a lovely day and the trees are magnificent. Already we have visited Queen Wilhelmina Park and today we have visited the historical area, the hotel an d the view up river. We so very enjoyed the reunion and seeing you both again.

All the best, Tony and Rosalind

The Arlington Lawn and Hotel. The Arlington Lawn was the original site of the Arlington Hotel. In 1893 the Old Arlington was torn down and the new 300 room hotel was built on the prized government reservation land. On April 5, 1923, while plans were in progress to expand the structure, it was destroyed by fire. Due to lack of space the third Arlington Hotel was built across the street from the Arlington Lawn where it still stands today.

Side note: Hot Springs National Park is an urban park with two bathhouses and a network of hiking trails.

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