Brisbane, Australia


Well we finally made it to Brisbane on Sat. Last Wed. was the first day the road was open so got away that afternoon, it was a slow drip down what with dodging potholes and detours etc. but we made it with only one blow out.

Today we spent flat finding after the flood. So many houses ruined there wasn’t much to pick from but we were really lucky to come across one this afternoon that wan’t too bad and only $15 a week. Thought it wise to grab it. Then in a couple months time when we’re more settled will look out for a bigger place. Tomorrow we’ll get busy seeing people and getting ourselves organized.

We have been thinking of you and hoping your trip is going well. Saw in the paper here that London had its first snow this wk. Do home you’re not in the middle of a cold spell. Thanks again for all you did for us.

Love, Jen

Brisbane, Q. – George Street from Parliament House, showing the Bellevue Hotel, the Terrace Houses, and the Executive building in the background.

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