Bangkok, Thailand

The Oriental Hotel, circa 1876

July 1987


The original part of the hotel still looks like this but they have a modern, lovely hotel around it. It is still one of my favorite places in the world. The flight over was long! 24 hours! With stops in S.F and Tokyo. Saw three movies – The Tin Men, Hoosiers and Burglars on the plane. Burglars was good.

Take care

July 1988

This should reach you by the time of your birthday! Happy Birthday! Our hotel is lovely! Looks quite different now than in this photo but this is more or less as it was when we first stayed here in the 50’s. Hope all is well and your trip to Boston is fine. I am having a new silk suit made.


February 1990


We all met as planned at airport about midnite last nite (24 hour trip – tired). This hotel (the new version) is just gorgeous and comfortable – we are impressed. We had big slabs of papaya for breakfast in the sun along the river. Wish you were here.


The Oriental, Bangkok, Circa 1876

From its earliest origin as a rest house for western adventurers, The Oriental has stood for quality of life that made it an oasis midst the hub-bub that prevails all about. As it was over 100 year ago, so it is today.

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