St Paul, Minnesota

2007 (?)


I miss you very much. I wish you could get me out of here but you won’t of course duh. 22 shooting is fun, also horseback’s fun. My horse name was Stoli. Keep my mail I send you ok.

Love, Noah

When my child went off to camp I gave him a bunch of random postcards so I would get mail. This was one of them.

St Paul Winter Carnival Ice Palace. The 1986 Ice Place was the home of King Boreas Rex L during the Winter Carnival. The structure was 128 ft. 9 in. high making it officially the tallest built to date. It took 36 days to build out of 9,000 single and 14,000 double ice blocks that weighted as much as 700 lbs. each. According to legend the Vulcans destroy the palace when the carnival is over and Spring approaches.

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