London, England

June 1973

Dear Mom,

Had an interesting trip over–took train to Boulogne, then hovercraft across the Channel and train to London. Va and Bill saw us off at the train station. We had such a good time with them it was hard to leave!! They went off to Spain and Portugal yesterday and will be in NY around the 24th for a few days. Va will call you and me!! We are tired so haven’t done much. Slept late this morn. Then took a bus trip on one of the busses all around London. Have rested this aft. and am trying to plan our week here. Or hotel is very near Piccadilly Circus and is big — but no bathrooms!! Linda Young is here meeting her daughter who was in Africa. Talked to her last night and hope we see can have dinner with them sometime. Small world!

Love, Jean

Piccadilly Circus, London. There’s an old saying that if you stand in Piccadilly Circus for long enough, you’ll see the whole world pass before you. If you stand there for 10 minutes you’ll soon understand what it is that makes London famous throughout the world. At night, theatre-land awakes, heralded by many thousands of bright lights.

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