Piestany, Slovakia

February 1993

Greetings from Piestany! It’s wonderful to be here – sometimes I have to pinch myself. Very little English is spoken so I struggle with Slovak-German. People appreciate the effort if not the accent!

Slovakia is a beautiful country – all is mountains or foothills with many forests and rivers. Comm. ruined some valleys with power plants and cities with roads, bridges, plants, etc. but the rich history is everywhere! There must be a million castles. I’ve seen 4 so better get busy!

Piestany is lovely and attracts many foreigners so luxuries like soft TP, fresh fruit and Newsweek! It’s inexpensive to live here which is great since we don’t make much money!!

I live in a teenager’s dorm – 2 rooms & WC. Roomy and clean and nice to have the privacy!

People are incredibly warm and generous – I’ve been made to feel very welcome! I receive gifts of pickles, flowers, appliances – all that I need to make my rooms a home! Hope all is well – write and let me know if you are moving to the East!

Love, Liz

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