Costa Rica

Tortuguero National Park, Green Sea Turtle


I keep meaning to write you guys – email I mean, but anyways – thank you for the letters you sent me! It is always very nice to get mail from people that you love. Things are going pretty well here – I love the students in the program and I am very excited about my project. Snorkeling on the coast.. I have been getting up very early each morning and going to bed around 9 pm. W/ the chickens they say here. I have been to San Jose two times – it still is pretty big and confusing. Every day I ride a University bus to school – which is always an experience especially when you have to stand in the aisles. I’ll be working in Cahuita Nat’l Park and Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge – if you want to find them on your map. I am slowly starting to comprehend mas Espanol, but my speaking abilities are still a bit lacking.

Love, Allie

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