Scheveningen, Netherlands

The Pier, Photo: Jan Heuff

June, 1984

I am waiting for John and Isabel Craig to call so I can meet them at C.S. They have been on the Rhine Cruise – I’ll take them to see the roses and then give them a soufflé and we can visit. We had one day of warm (hi 70’s) weather. Back to clouds, wind and low 60’s. B and Alicia left Wed. – hope they got there ok. Got your letter Fri. Hope you’re getting sun. Picnics sound good. Inside or out!

Love, Va.

Vissershaven. Photo: Jan Huff

May, 1983

We just talked on the phone – I am appalled that you all came – but know Jean was delighted to have you. May 30- Cold again this AM. I braved the wind (in my winter coat) and walked to Scheveningen to browse the shopping mall. I found this card which I find interesting. Also, we walked on Sat. thru the thick forests around Arnheim and the leaf patterns were so glorious – it was beautiful. And no none was there of course, we got terribly lost and had to walk more than we really wanted – but had a good dinner afterward!

Love, Va

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