Houston, Texas

The Astrodome

February, 1966

We did leave Mexico finally at 9:10 am by American and had a wonderful flight much better than Braniff. E. met us at customs and took us home for lunch and left there about 1:30. They had three inches of snow in San Antonio, first in 40 years. We arrived here at 5:15 and went to the Rodeo at the Astrodome last night. Doc and Festus were guest stars, Jimmy Dean is to be here the 28th – would have preferred him! Enjoying every minute still.


Inside the Astrodome – this is the first thing you see when you enter the Astrodome Club. It is a bar 10 feet long, the longest in Texas. You can get yourself a drink, turn around and walk six steps, and enjoy what’s taking place down on the field.

The Astrodome opened in 1965 and was still in use for various things until the early 2000’s. It was the world’s first multi-purpose domed stadium.

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