Paris, France

National Center of Art and Culture Georges Pompidou

June 1982 (Den Haag)


K. Leaves this aft. We went to Enkhuizen to see the boats and across the dam yesterday, toured Rotterdam Harbor Sat., took the Elsmeer-Vollendam- Marken tour on Wed. It was HOT. Now I must get the apt & myself organized to leave Sun. Bill will stay the week in Minn. Thanks for Tom’s nice announcement. Will give congrats later. Hope all went well. The wedding sounded nice. Hope to be talking to you soon.

Love, Va

This postcard is of an art museum in Paris – the Georges Pompidou. When we first saw it we thought it was a very ugly thing. It had a big open area in front of it where all kinds of street performers were doing their thing, breathing fire and dancing around. It turned out to be an amazing space with wonderful art – contemporary and modern. It has all it ‘guts’ on the outside so it makes it possible to have large open spaces. It opened in 1977 and I think I must have been there a few years after that.

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