Paris, France

Dear Mom

Arrived in Paris yesterday eve about 6:15. Have a nice hotel. What we’ve seen of the city is beautiful. Walked a little bit last night and are ready to start sight-seeing this morning. Stayed in Toulouse night before last — it is certainly an interesting city. Everybody seems pretty good. Jane and Tom don’t eat much but are taking vitamins and I guess they will get along. I am getting fat, I think — the French bread and rolls are so good I can’t resist them! Jane and Kathy seem to be getting along ok. Surely wish I had brushed up on my French! It is frustrating not to be able to understand.


We had a lovely day today. First went to see Rodin’s Museum with all his sculptures – then to Napoleon’s Tomb–then to the Eiffel Tower (which Tom Loved!). Bill and our family went part way up. Then took the Metro to Montmartre and to the lovely church Sacre Coeur and then to all the art places around– very interesting. All tired tonight but OK! Ate in the hotel – it is small, quiet and very nice. We think Paris is great. Hope everything is ok with you.

Love, Jean

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