Nigerian Mask

Igu Mask, Nigeria

Paris, March 1973

We are on our way to Amsterdam. I’ll take KLM to Chicago, Bill to Frankfort and Lagos. The Paris weather has been cold but clear and sunny – lovely. I walked miles to know Paris a little better. Had lunch with Zina yesterday – she says Lisa is very unhappy here – she’s going to US for Easter. Do keep warm, for that helps to recover and prevent colds.

Love to you, Mom

4 Replies to “Nigerian Mask”

  1. I think that I have seen this card before, and Ivthink that one of my brother may still possess a children’s mask very similar to this. I’m not sure if it is from Igbarra or Igbo people.


      1. That would be consistent with homeland of Igbarra. I have tried looking up Igu, and it might refer to a festival rather than a tribal or ethnic affiliation.
        I never went to Abuja; it didn’t exist when my family lived in Nigeria. I understand that the weather is nice, sort of like California.


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